Elect Diana Hall - City Councillor - Ward 44 - Scarborough East

Dear Neighbour,

In speaking with our community, there are two things we can all agree on: Ward 44’s voice must be heard at City Hall, and we need a Scarborough that moves, works and grows.

The transit conversation must start with properly connecting Scarborough to the rest of the City of Toronto via Subway. However, subways are just part of our solution.  In order to address gridlock and to reduce our commute time, we must implement a comprehensive transportation plan that extends beyond Toronto’s borders and has constant funding from all levels of government.

Our capacity to rebuild the City’s aging infrastructure will hinge on our ability to develop partnerships with the private sector and all levels of government.  We need to set clear priorities and work smarter to provide the quality of services that residents expect.

We must keep property taxes in check by keeping them at inflation or lower.

I am passionate about our community having lived here with my family, for almost 30 years.  We must ensure that all new development in our community is sustainable, responsible and complements the character of our neighbourhoods.  Early community consultation is key.

Having worked at City Hall, I know being a councillor is a full time job. I have the experience to step into the role immediately.  Scarborough East cannot afford to elect someone who will spend this term learning how City Hall works.  Our community needs someone working full time for us, NOW! 

I was narrowly defeated (by less than 300 votes out of 20,000) in the 2010 election.  The decision to make real change for Ward 44 rests with you.   Make sure your vote counts!

Vote Diana Hall for a City that moves, works and grows.